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Breakfast Menu Breakfast Menu Breakfast Menu Breakfast Menu Breakfast Menu

Specials Eggs Good morning. Two eggs in pan with pork sausages, Toast with butter & jam, Coffee or tea.

Croissant or Toast with butter & jam.

Omelette with butter.

Tuna Sandwich.

Traditional Northern Breakfast. Sticky rice with chicken or pork, Nam Prik Num, Vegetables, pork cracking and mixed vegetables.

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Spaghetti : Meat Sauce or Vegetables : 90 THB

The sauce contain with tomatoes, onion, carrot, pork & beef and spices.
( No chilli ,not hot taste)

Tuna Salads :
60 THB

Salads contain with fresh cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, onion & tuna. Dressing with mayonnaise

Khao Pad Khai Dow (Thai Fried Rice ) : 60 THB

Fried rice with egg,small piece of onion, carrot. Topping with one up-side down fried egg.

Khao Pad Kra Pao Moo or Kai : 60 THB

About this typical Thai dish called pad kra pao. It's fried minced pork
( Moo ) or chicken ( Kai ) with basil leaf, and it's spicy with a little chilli.
It comes with justmine rice and a fried egg,
you will love it!

French Fries (fried potatoes) : 50 THB

Potatoes deep frying for your snack!!

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